Movie Preview: Albert Pyun’s Bulletface

I know people who hates Albert Pyun with a passion. I don’t know why, I never understood it, because unlike another much-hated director (cough*Uwe Boll*cough), Pyun has done a couple of movies that I really liked. “Cyborg”? Loved it. “Nemesis”? Loved it. But apparently I’m the only one, because most people hate those movies. Eh, screw’em. I like Albert Pyun, and I’m going to give his new movie “Bulletface” a chance when it comes out. Fangoria has your first look at the poster (thumbnail to your left, bigger poster version below) and more info on the movie from Pyun himself.

More about “Bulletface”:

“It’s an ultraviolent crime thriller about a highly addictive drug derived from human spinal fluid which begins infecting border towns in Texas,” the director says of the Randall Fontana-scripted film. “The fluid must be extracted from a living subject, turning junkies into ghoulish murderers, and human trafficking erupts as two rival gangs wage war to control this new trade, with a dirty Fed caught in between.”

Sounds action-rific!

Starring Steven Bauer, Victoria Maurette, Jenny Dare Paulin, and Morgan Weisser. The film is currently in post-production, with Pyun aiming for a early 2008 release.

Here’s a poster for it:

Albert Pyun

A video I found for “Bulletface” — not the trailer, apparently, but some kind of pre-post video: