Movie Preview: Invisible Target and Eye in the Sky

You won’t find a whole lot of people who will disagree with you if you tell them that you’ve been noticing a general dearth of quality cinema coming out of Hong Kong in the last few years, what with every Johnnie To crime thriller having to fight for space with 10 quickie movies starring one or both of the Twins girls and their cohorts. But I also have to admit that Hong Kong has gotten a lot better recently, with the likes of “Sha Po Lang”, the upcoming “Flash Point”, and now, two more potentially quality crime thrillers in “Invisible Target” and “Eye in the Sky”.

“Invisible Target”, directed by Benny Chan, opens July 19th, and has the potential to be pretty good — that is, if it doesn’t fall into the same mindless, nonsensical trap that killed “Dragon Squad”, which is always a possibility when Hong Kong filmmakers go for style over substance. (official site)

“An armoured truck is secretly transporting $100 million for a U.S bank when it is hijacked by a band of robbers calling themselves the “Ronin Gang.” The gang blows up the truck and makes off with all the cash. Three young detectives, led by Chen Jin (Nicholas Tse), are soon assigned to prevent another massive bank robbery organized by the Ronin Gang.”

Hong Kong Crime Thrillers Preview: Invisible Target and Eye in the Sky

Trailer for “Invisible Target”:

“Eye in the Sky” is new to me, and is from long-time Johnnie To collaborator Yau Nai-Hoi. It’s a Milkway Production, so expect familiar faces like Simon Yam, Tony Leung, etc. It also looks pretty good, and comes out June 21st. (official site)

Eye in the Sky tells the story of a new recruit, nicknamed Piggy (Kate Tsui) by her mentor Dog-Head (Simon Yam), as she undergoes an on-job training of sorts in their case to track down some armed robbers, led by “Hollow Man” (Tony Leung Kar Fai). It becomes a cat and mouse game as identities are attempted to be established, and the team comes up against a villain who’s truly aware of his environment, turning the tables as the hunter might become the prey.

Hong Kong Crime Thrillers Preview: Invisible Target and Eye in the Sky

Trailer for “Eye in the Sky”: