Movie Trailer: An Empress and the Warriors

Intricately choreographed battle scenes; Donnie Yen ruling the battlefields; Leon Lai looking somber and lovelorn; and Kelly Chen filling out that body armor like no one’s business. Those are some of the things to expect from next year’s Hong Kong/China co-production “An Empress and the Warriors”, and now here’s your first look at the movie’s trailer.

The film’s storyline is set in a period where the country is at war and dukes of the different kingdoms battle for land and power. Kelly plays Princess Fei- er who is commanded by her dying father on the battlefield to defend their country with General Xue-hu (played by Donnie). The princess is later attacked and injured by the treacherous official Hu Ba (played by Guo), but is rescued by Leon’s character Duan Lan-quan, whom she falls in love with. Faced with continued attack from outside and within, the princess must make some important decisions to ensure the survival of herself and her country.

Opening March 2008. Via: