Movie Trailer: Doctor Strange Animated Film

I’ve never really been that big a fan of the Doctor Strange comic book character. Maybe it’s just because I don’t care for all that hoodoo voodoo magic stuff that Strange always ends up doing in his comics, like fighting one-eyed demons and whatnot. Booooring. But I am interested in the Doctor Strange animated film that’s coming out via Marvel’s animated line, counting among them the two “Ultimate Avengers” films (part 1 and part 2) and “The Invincible Iron Man”. I loved all three, mostly for their combination of geeky comic style and a more mature approach to the storytelling. Because of those three films, I have good expectations for the Doctor Strange animated film.

IGN now has the trailer for the Doctor Strange animated film. Check it out below:

Expect the good doctor to hit DVD August 14, 2007 from Lions Gate Home Entertainment. The cover for the DVD below:

Doctor Strange Animated Film