Movie Trailer: Frank Miller’s The Spirit

I’ve been dying to see this thing ever since I heard Miller was going to direct it, and now it’s finally here, kids, everyone’s first look at the teaser trailer for Frank Miller’s live-action adaptation of Will Eisner’s pulp comic book hero The Spirit. The film stars Gabriel Macht as the titular vigilante, who dawns a black suit, fedora, and blood-red tie when the phone rings and he’s summoned into action. Written and directed by comic book legend Frank Miller, “The Spirit” co-stars Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, and of course, Samuel L. Jackson as the villainous Octopus. Trailer below.

Down these mean streets a man must come. A hero born, murdered, and born again. When a Rookie cop named Denny Colt returns from the beyond as The Spirit, a hero whose mission is to fight against the bad forces from the shadows of Central City. The Octopus who kills anyone unfortunate enough to see his face who has other plans. He’s going to wipe out the entire city. The Spirit tracks this cold hearted killer from the city’s rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill the masked crusader.

Get into the spirit January 16, 2009.

So what do you think of the trailer below?