Movie Trailer: Get Smart Remake

The best thing I can say about the “Get Smart” remake is that Steve Carell stars in it, and how can you NOT like Steve Carell? He is friggin hilarious, and even if you don’t like the idea of someone else playing Maxwell Smart, you still can’t entirely hate the upcoming “Get Smart” remake. Or can you? Well, I can’t, although that doesn’t mean I’m THAT interested in it. (For me, this is a DVD rental at best; maybe cable.) Now the trailer for “Get Smart” is out (see it below), and you’ll probably either hate it or chuckle a little. It sells its biggest draw: Steve Carrel, and that’s just smart.

The adventures of bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart, and his level-headed female partner, Agent 99 as they battle against the evil forces of KAOS.

The film stars Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Terence Stamp, Alan Arkin, and is directed by Peter Segal.

CONTROL takes control Summer 2008.

The trailer for the “Get Smart” remake: