Movie Trailer: Goyer’s Unborn

Odette Yustman in The Unborn (2009) Movie Image

Babysitting someone’s kid is hard enough, but when the kid starts telling you that there’s another kid, this one already dead, who wants to be reborn through you? Man, that just turns an already bad day into a really crappy one. Such is life for Odette Yustman, who survived the monster of “Cloverfield” only to have to face a creepy little kid from the past who may or may not be her dead unborn twin (I think, the trailer is kind of confusing) who now wants to be reborn through her. I think. As I said, the trailer throws out a lot at you, and I’m not really sure what this thing is about. In any case, it’s a good thing she’s got Gary Oldman to help out. Maybe he can call that Bat guy to lend a hand…

Starring Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet, Meagan Good, Jane Alexander, Idris Elba, Rachel Brosnahan, Rhys Coiro, Carla Gugino. David Goyer writes and directs.

Get unborn January 9, 2009.