Movie Trailer: Horror/Sci-Fi Interplanetary

Not all that long ago, a low-budget zombie/comedy (out of Alabama, of all places) called “Hide and Creep” resurrected by faith in low-budget zombie movies. Until that little nugget came around, I had all but given up on anything with the words “low-budet” and “zombie” anywhere near it. The guys who did “Hide and Creep” are back with “Interplanetary”, a sci-fi/horror film set on Mars, and the first teaser trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure (below).

The movie’s director Chance Shirley blogs about the production here, and remarks that since production has dragged a bit, the soonest they’ll be able to get “Interplanetary” out would be somewhere in 2008. (via)

So what’s it about? Dread Central knows:

You see, it’s about a man, Steve, who spends most of his days fighting off boredom on the planet Mars. One day one of his co-workers discovers an ancient Martian fossil, however, and pretty soon Steve finds himself up against an army of seemingly unstoppable alien creatures. Always a suck way to end your day.

The tone is a bit more on the serious side this time out, but director Chance Shirley did promise that the humor that made Hide and Creep work so well will still be in place, just to a lesser degree.

If this ends up being half as good as “Hide and Creep”, I’ll be happy. Hopefully the humor will still be there, and the Crewless boys will have learned not to add unnecessary plot tangents in Act III.