Movie Trailer: Jay Chou in Kung Fu Dunk (Slam Dunk)

Here’s your first look at the Jay Chou sports/comedy/special effects extravaganza “Kung Fu Dunk” (aka “Slam Dunk”). It’s really just a teaser, with a quick 30-second look at Chou in a hoodie dunking. The film is based on the comics (or manga) by Takehiko Inoue and stars Taiwanese mega pop star Chou and Charlene Choi. The film revolves around an orphaned boy (played by Chou) who grows up in a kung fu university and becomes a talented basketball player, thanks to the miracles of modern CGI and what have you.

The film seems to be going under the title of “Kung Fu Dunk” in Asia, and “Slam Dunk” for International release sometime in 2008.

Houston Rockets center Yao Ming, a God in China, was supposed to have a cameo in the film, but “supposed” seems to be the operative word. The role played by Charlene Choi was originally offered to two Korean actresses (singer BoA and Yoon Eun Hye) before Choi ended up with it. Damn those Twins!