Movie Trailer: Johnnie To’s Linger

Johnnie To is one busy man, but when you’re as talented as he is, and you’ve mastered the crime drama to the point where you can do everything shorthand, what’s two or three movies a year? Although to be honest, I never expected To to veer into romance territory, which is where he seems to have gone with the new movie “Linger”. Poster and trailer below.

Kaiju Shakedown first noted the trailer (below).

So what’s it about? Via:

Busy Life. Empty hearts. Unforgettable lovers.

The reappearance of a lost lover brings back a faint feeling of love. Yet is is so untouchable. Is it real or is it just a piece of memory?

A life in the river of time is irreversible. But we can choose our memory.

It reveals an unbearable truth, while true perfection always comes from bits and pieces of regrets.

“Linger” stars Vic Chou and Li Bing Bing, is directed by Johnnie To and opens January 2008.

Johnnie To’s Linger