Movie Trailer: Joy Ride 2 – Dead Ahead

Rusty Nail is back, and so is the trailer for “Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead”. This time, Rusty has set his sights on yet another blonde cutie who will, invariably, end up being the Final Girl in his twisted road games. And apparently Rusty has gotten a lot hornier since we last saw him, if the scene where he forces the Final Girl to strip for him in the middle of the road as his semi truck idles in front of her is any indication. Damn truckers, you can’t trust them for nothin’. And to no one’s surprise, the sequel will be going straight to DVD.

While driving across the country on their way to Las Vegas, two couples are forced to “borrow” a car from an apparently abandoned ranch house when their own vehicle breaks down in rural Utah. Little do they know that the car they took actually belonged to Rusty Nail, the cold, calculating killer who plays vicious and cruel games with his victims, often pursuing them in his ominous, black 18-wheeler truck. After one of their friends is kidnapped by the murderous trucker, the remaining travelers are forced into Rusty’s violent realm to play his sinister catandmouse games in an attempt to rescue their friend and stop the killer before it is too late.

Don’t mess with truckers on DVD this October.