Movie Trailer: Live-Action G.I. Joe

Just kidding. It’s not really the trailer for the upcoming “G.I. Joe” movie that Sienna Miller has just been cast in as the Baroness. It looks like a fan-made trailer for something called “War Machine” (I guess they didn’t want to use the trademark name), but even so, it looks pretty damn good. All the weird locales notwithstanding (it looks like they shot it in the Philippines or somewhere thereabouts), the best part of the trailer are the fight scenes between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

No, not that the fight scene in the trailer was fantastically choreographed or anything, just that the idea of seeing a live-action version of Snake Eyes in his all-black ninja gear and Storm Shadow, in his all-white, going at it just gave me the chills. Can you imagine how awesome the real thing is going to look with millions of dollars thrown into the fight sequences between these two characters? Wow.