Movie Trailer: Roland Emmerich’s 10,000 B.C.

You either love or hate Roland Emmerich. I’m kind of indifferent to the guy. He’s made some movies that I like (“Independence Day”), some I didn’t care for (“The Day After Tomorrow”), and some that were just baffling in their bafflingness (“Godzilla “). His latest, “10,000 B.C.” arrives four years after his last film, “Tomorrow”, and features a young cast of mostly unknowns headed by Camilla Bell and Steven Strait. The film is described as, “Epic tale that centers on three stages in the development of primitive man, as seen through a 21-year-old hunter from a primitive tribe who must hunt mammoth to survive.” Whatever that means.

Here’s a better synopsis:

It was a time when man and beast were untamed and the mighty mammoth roamed the earth. A time when ideas and beliefs were born that forever shaped mankind. 10,000 B.C. follows a young hunter (Steven Strait) on his quest to lead an army across a vast desert, battling saber tooth tigers and prehistoric predators as he unearths a lost civilization and attempts to rescue the woman he loves (Camilla Belle) from an evil warlord determined to possess her.

Huh, I didn’t know there were warlords, much less “evil” ones, back in 10,000 B.C., but maybe that’s why we need this movie. Right?

The cavemen clubs mammoths on March 7th, 2008.

The trailer for “10,000 B.C.” can be found at Yahoo! Movies here, or just take a gander at the lower quality YouTube version below. Go for the YouTube one, it’s a time saver.