Movie Trailer: Stephen Chow’s CJ7

Director/writer/star Stephen Chow’s “CJ7” has really made me curious. From everything I’ve read and seen, it doesn’t seem like your typical Stephen Chow movie — i.e. no kung fu. To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure how the whole movie is going to come off, much less what it’s about, so getting a chance to finally see the trailer via the boys at TwitchFilm is quite the treat. And now, having seen the trailer (it’s not the best quality, but it is the first, and that’s good enough for now), it looks like Chow is going for laughs and, like most Asian comedy, father-son melodrama towards the end. It looks good, but I wouldn’t go in expecting another “Shaolin Soccer” or “Kung Fu Hustle”.

A poor Chinese laborer learns important lessons after his son gets a strange new toy.