Movie Trailer: The Dark Knight (Bootleg)

You can see the first full trailer for “The Dark Knight” in front of “I am Legend”, opening today if you’re so inclined, but if you don’t plan to journey out into the theaters tonight, then you can catch a bootleg version of the trailer here. It’s a Myspace Version (via), since the YouTube version that is everywhere has already gotten pulled. I don’t know how long this one is going to last either, but hey, get it while you still can, kiddos.

Batman battles the Joker and much fun is had by all. Well, except for all the people the Joker kills, since it looks like he’s going to kill a lot of people in this one. Why so serious, indeed.

Update: Here’s the DailyMotion version, just in case the Myspace one gets pulled. DailyMotion always seems to last longer than the rest.