Mr. Bean Returns to the Screen in the Indonesian Horror/Comedy Mr. Bean Kesurupan Depe

Is Rowan Atkinson really starring in the upcoming Indonesian horror/comedy “Mr. Bean Kesurupan Depe” (aka “Mr. Bean Gets Possessed by Depe)”? According to K.K. Dheera, the film’s producer, Atkinson has signed on to play a shrouded ghost in the film, though nothing has been confirmed from the actor’s camp as of this writing. According to some folks over at Twitch], the film features a Mr. Bean look alike, a photo of whom you can find embedded above. If the rumors are true — and, at this point, I’m definitely a little skeptical, the film will feature Atkinson starring opposite Dewi Persik, otherwise known as Depe.

Would I watch a Mr. Bean movie that didn’t feature Rowan Atkinson? Of course I would. Don’t be silly. Am I secretly hoping Atkinson is involved in this project? Hell, yes. I doubt he is, but it’s fun to imagine. “Mr. Bean Kesurupan Depe” opens today (June 7th, 2012) in Indonesia. If you’re in the area, take in a screening and let us know if it’s the real deal.