MTV Unleashes the Full Trailer for Their Teen Wolf TV Show

EW has debuted the full, 3-minute long trailer for MTV’s new TV show based on the 1980s Michael J. Fox movie “Teen Wolf”. This is definitely one of those times where the TV show could actually be better than the original source material. I know, hard to believe, but let’s face it, that Fox movie had a LOT of rooms for improvement. From what I can tell, the MTV version actually takes the subject matter a lot more seriously. At least, we don’t see the young teen hero playing basketball while “wolfed out”. Yet. And it sure won’t have too much trouble surpassing the sequel with Jason Bateman.

In the new show, Tyler Posey plays the teen with the fur problems and Crystal Reed is the object of his fangs — er, I mean, affections. Also starring Colton Haynes, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Melissa Ponzio, and Ian Bohen.

The show is scheduled to debut on MTV on June 5, 2011 after the cable network’s Movie Awards show. You know you wanna watch it.