Mutant-Heavy Trailer for Benny Chan’s Sci-Fi Thriller City Under Siege

I am ready to watch veteran Hong Kong director Benny Chan’s “City Under Siege” right now. Seriously — right freaking now. Considering my lukewarm feelings towards Chan’s body of work, you’d think that this moderately hokey actioner would insult my sensitive cinematic sensibilities, but that’s simply not the case. After all, how could you possibly go wrong with a stylized motion picture filled to overflowing with hideous mutants, numerous explosions, and an assortment of martial arts tomfoolery? You can’t. In theory, anyway. The latest trailer — which arrives courtesy of Twitch — only adds several stinky gallons of highly-flammable fuel to my cinematic excitement. If you’re curious as to what the hell I’m rambling about, feast your eyes on the clip embedded below.

Understanding will follow shortly.