Mysterious and Possibly Supernatural Shenanigans are Afoot in Ryan Smith’s After

After (2012) Movie Poster

While watching this teaser trailer for Ryan Smith’s intriguing looking “After”, all I could say to myself was, “Man, I hope this movie isn’t going where I think it’s going.” Given the title, the dialogue, and the visuals in just the minute long teaser, I already suspect I know where all of this is going, and I really hope it doesn’t go there, because it’s such an obvious and predictable “twist”. Hopefully I’m wrong, and I get a much better movie than the pessimist in me is expecting. Until then, check out the first teaser trailer for Ryan Smith’s “After”.

When two bus crash survivors awake to discover that they are the only people left in their small town, they must form an unlikely alliance in a race to unravel the truth behind their isolation. As strange events begin to unfold, they start to question whether the town they know so well is really what it seems.

The film stars Steven Strait (“10,000 BC), Karolina Wydra (House’s Russian wife from “House”), Sandra Lafferty, and Madison Lintz (aka Sophia from “The Walking Dead”). “After” is directed by Ryan Smith, who is making his feature film debut.

Opening September 14th, 2012 courtesy of Seabourne Pictures.