Mysterious Creatures Roam the California Hills in Howie Askins’ Evidence

Evidence (2011) Movie Image

Affordable HD cameras are both a blessing and a curse. Although it gives struggling independent filmmakers an easy way to create their respective masterpieces on an extremely limited budget, it also gives rise to those who are looking to cash in on a craze. Take, for instance, Howie Askins’ upcoming “lost footage” flick “Evidence”. It’s yet another one of those “youngsters lost in the woods” movies where the entire cast is menaced by something decidedly evil while the camera continues to roll. And while “Evidence” certainly looks a little stronger than most, I’m still having trouble shaking the strong “Blair Witch Project” vibe I’m getting from some of the shots. Am I being a little too harsh on this project? Take a peek at the embedded trailer and let me know.

Via : Bloody-Disgusting