Naked Killer (1992) Movie Review

Here’s an interesting survey for those of you planning on watching 1992’s “Naked Killer”:

If you’re a cop, and you witness a woman repeatedly stab a guy in the balls with a scissor, should you:

a) arrest her, or

b) fall madly in love with her.

Our brilliant cop chooses b.

If you’re a sleazy businessman who has just accidentally killed the husband of the woman you’re sleeping with, and the dead man’s daughter comes after you with a .45 and shoots you in the ass, do you:

a) knock her out, kill her, then get rid of the body, or

b) knock her out then try to rape her.

Our sleazy businessman chooses b.

When cops go to the home of a victim whose genitals has been chopped off, and you are obviously watching a movie written by Jing Wong, will the cops:

a) find the genitals and solve the crime, or

b) accidentally eat the genitals believing it’s a sausage.

If you know the name Jing Wong, then you know the answer to this one.

“Naked Killer” was one of the first Cat III films to feature a lot of over-the-top violence mixed in with plenty of flesh peddling. It’s a silly film, filled with sex scenes that look more like people having seizures than actually having sex. The violence is so overboard that calling it cartoonish is a disservice. And the comedy only serves to entertain between bloody violent acts and overt and covert lesbian scenes.

If there is one overly positive thing I can say about “Naked Killer”, it’s that the movie looks stunning, especially for a Hong Kong movie made in 1992. The slick visuals are courtesy of Peter Paul (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and William Yim (“Legend of Zu”). The rest of the film can be found in any early 1990s movie.

If all of the above is what you’re looking for, then “Naked Killer” is for you. But if you actually like a plot and some acting with your flesh and style, watch another Jing Wong movie, “Naked Weapon”, instead. Actually, if you think about it, “Weapon” is pretty much a remake of “Killer”, done exactly 10 years later. Coincidence?

Clarence Fok Yiu-leung (director) / Jing Wong (screenplay)
CAST: Chingmy Yau …. Kitty/Vivian Shang
Simon Yam …. Tinam
Carrie Ng …. Princess
Madoka Sugawara …. Baby

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