Names On a List: Michael B. Jordan for Independence Day Sequels

Michael B. Jordan in Chronicle (2012) Movie Image

This is a Names on a List post (or NOAL, for short), meaning someone heard somewhere that this actor’s name was being bandied about by someone somewhere, so this news report is the result. Like our recently christened BOBOS news postings, you should approach these news items without taking it too seriously.

So, moving on…

The Wrap is reporting that they heard that “Chronicle” star Michael B. Jordan (not to be confused with #23) is being “eyed” for a role in Roland Emmerich’s upcoming “Independence Day” sequels. They caution, though, that they haven’t heard of any offers being made or accepted or turned down.

No word on what role Jordan would play if he does end up with the role, but I’m guessing something involving Will Smith would be likely, since the sequels are expected to jump forward in time and pick up with the characters from the original many decades later. Just a hunch.

Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are expected back, but Will Smith is still hedging his bets. Given the floptastic status of his “After Earth”, you would think Big Willie might want a sure-thing hit. But hey, that’s why he’s Will Smith and we’re not.

Emmerich will direct, with “White House Down’s” James Vanderbilt writing the script. Depending on how it all shapes up, you can expect the film in 2015 or 2016, or thereabouts.