Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are Grandmothers. Really Hot, Cradle-Robbing Grandmothers.

The Grandmothers Novel CoverWell, actually, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are just playing mothers, but I suppose the whole “The Grandmothers” part of the movie title means something else entirely that will be explained in the movie.

In any case, both lovely Hollywood actresses (who are both in their ’40s, if you can believe it — thank you, Hollywood fountain of youth!), will be starring in French director Anne Fontaine’s new film “The Grandmothers”, which will be based on a novel by Aussie writer Doris Lessing.

In the film, Watts and Wright will play lifelong best friends who end up falling in love with each other’s teenage sons in what is being described as “the erotic tale of misguided love and a celebration of the enduring nature of female friendship”.

So, chick flick, then? Bring your hankies, girls. And, er, guys.

Xavier Samuel (of “Twilight” fame) and James Frecheville (“Animal Kingdom”) will play the lucky teenage boys who get to shag their mom’s best friend. That’ll make for some interesting dinner conversations, don’t you think?

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts

Via : THR