Naomi Watts and Robin Wright’s Adore (aka Two Mothers) Get Some Sun in New Poster

Adore (2013) Movie Poster

Check out a new poster for “Coco Before Chanel” director Anne Fontaine’s latest drama, “Adore” (formerly “Two Mothers”). The Australian-set film stars Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as best friends who begin having affairs with their respective sons. Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville play the hunky sons.

That’s, uh, yeah, this is definitely going to end well for all involved. I see a big happy ending in everyone’s future. Probably.

Of course, this only works cinematically because everyone in the film are basically perfect human beings, from the actresses playing the moms to the actors playing the sons. The brave move would have been to cast more “appropriate” looking moms and sons, but maybe realism is not the point here.

In any case, “Adore” is based on a 2003 novella by Doris Lessing (who was 85-years old and a grandmother at the time, we’re told), and is scheduled to open in theaters and VOD later this year on September 6th. I’m guessing very limited locales, probably just the coasts.

Here’s a recent French trailer for the film, where it’s known as “Perfect Mothers”: