Naomie Harris in Negotiations to Flirt Shamelessly with Bond

Oh, Miss Moneypenny, you’re never going to get a piece of that yummy British crumpet, so just give it up, will you? He’s just teasing you. Of course, that hasn’t stopped M’s secretary, in all her incarnations, from sighing desperately after the suave British superspy in the last 67 Bond movies (or thereabouts).

According to the Daily Mail (via IndieWire), the latest actress to take a stab at getting into Bond’s pants is “28 Days Later’s” Naomie Harris, who, if she lands the gig, would be the franchise’s first black Moneypenny. The fetching actress also recently played an Interpol agent in “Ninja Assassin”.

Mind you, these are just rumors, which have Harris “in the final stages of negotiations” to play the MI6 secretary. It’s a pretty thankless role, to be honest, but I suppose Harris, like most Brits, probably grew up with the Bond movies and a small role or not, it’s a big thing to be in a Bond film.

If the rumors do pan out and Harris is your new Moneypenny, she’ll be joining a cast that includes Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench. Production on the still-untitled film is set for this year with Sam Mendes directing. Then again, production on a Bond 23 has been set a couple of times before, so hopefully this time it’ll actually happen.