Natalie Portman’s Western Jane Got a Gun Just Lost its Director

Lynne RamsaySomeone round up a posse, because “Jane Got a Gun’s” director just went missing.

The awesome sounding Western (though I’m a little bias, I love me a good Western) was supposed to start shooting yesterday, but apparently when the cast and crew gathered on the film’s Sante Fe fet to do just that, director Lynne Ramsay (left) was nowhere to be found.

Turns out, she’s gone. Vamoose. Adios. Gone from the production.

According to Deadline, no one saw it coming until it actually happened:

When the cast and crew of the indie drama Jane Got A Gun showed up for the first day of production Monday in Sante Fe, they learned that director Lynne Ramsay was a no-show and had abruptly dropped out of the film. Among those who learned of her exit yesterday were Natalie Portman, who stars in the film and is producing with Scott Steindorff, Joel Edgerton, Jude Law and Rodrigo Santoro. Steindorff, who is financing the picture through his Scott Pictures label, confirmed the crisis and said they are determined to hold the picture together until they set a new director. He said that would happen imminently.

Now lawyers are involved and the production is scrambling to find a replacement. Yikes.

I gotta say, I’ve never heard of something like this happening. Apparently something went down over the weekend — something big and bad enough, it would appear — to make Ramsay bail on the production and her crew on the first day of shooting.

I hope they get a replacement, because I kind of dig “Jane Got a Gun’s” premise, which would find Natalie Portman playing a wife whose husband arrives home all shot up to hell, with his old gang chasing him to finish the job. To save herself and her farm, she asks for help from an ex-lover to be played by Joel Edgerton. Jude Law would play the leader of the outlaws.

Natalie Portman