National Treasure 3 to Search for Atlantis?

Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger in National Treasure Book of Secrets (2007) Movie ImageWith the oodles of money that “National Treasures 2: Book of Secrets” made at the box office, it’s a fair bet that the studio is already eyeballing a third installment in the franchise. And even if they weren’t, Nicolas Cage must be nagging them about doing another one, the “Treasures” film being his biggest cash cow to date and all. It’s not easy for Cage to find a hit film — it seems that for every “Ghost Rider” he stumbles across, he has to put out 20 flops. So when they do decide to make a third one, where will Nic Cage go, and what will he be looking for? One rumor has Atlantis.


That’s already been hinted at by Nic Cage, who several months ago said he wanted the next movie to be more international. Now the guys over at Jim Hill claim to have the scoop on what exactly Gates will be hunting next. Their guess? Atlantis.

They claim there’s already a brief plot synopsis for the sequel floating around at Disney. In it the Gates family goes to Easter Island to hunt for Atlantis and the perfect, clean, power source which was supposed to have powered the legendary sunken city. Their goal is to use it to end global warming, which would mean Disney could preach to us about reducing our carbon emissions while at the same time throwing Nic Cage off a cliff.

I can see the title now: “National Treasure: In Search of Atlantis”. Or if they really want to get creative: “National Treasure: Nic Cage is from Atlantis.” I got 50-50 on the latter title.

Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger in National Treasure Book of Secrets (2007) Movie Image