Naughty or Nice, Saint Nick’s Gonna Split Your Wig in Director Dick Maas’ Sint

Although it may sound incredibly sick and demented, but yours truly has a soft spot for Christmas-themed horror flicks, particularly those which find either Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas splashing a little gore all over someone’s holiday spirit. In addition to “Rare Exports”, unstable cinematic Scrooges also have Dick Maas’ “Sint” to look forward to. Granted, those of living in the States will probably have to wait until next year to enjoy these flicks with some egg nog under the mistletoe, but that’s a small price to pay to see a murderous Saint Nick spread a some death and destruction amongst all those good little boys and girls. If you’re as weird as I am, the embedded trailer should, in theory, blow your tiny little mind clear across the room.

Huge thanks to Twitch for granting my Christmas wish.