NBC Picks up Christopher McQuarrie’s Persons Unknown

I’ve been following the progress of Christopher McQuarrie’s Persons Unknown TV show since it was announced last year. It’s got a pretty good premise, and McQuarrie always does well when he’s given a lot of rope and the subject is mystery. Today comes good news, with Variety announcing that NBC has picked up the show, which includes the 13 episodes that have already been produced. There’s no word when NBC plans on launching the show, but once it does air, like all big network shows it’ll be given a pretty short leash to perform or else.

Persons Unknown is about a group of strangers who find themselves imprisoned inside a small ghost town with no knowledge of how they got there or how to get out. The show stars Jason Wiles, most famous for his role as Bosco on NBC’s hybrid show Third Watch, here playing a character name Joe; Daisy Betts (last year’s horror remake “Shutter”); and Battlestar Galactica alum Kandyse McClure (below) will play Erica. The rest of the cast include Chadwick Boseman, Tina Holmes, Alan Smyth, Lee Purcell, and Reggie Lee.

Christopher McQuarrie (“The Usual Suspects”, “Valkyrie”) created the show, and is producing for Fox TV Studios, Italy’s RAI and Mexico’s Televisa.

Below: “Ah, it’s good to see our human enemies getting jobs on other shows. Makes the metal heart feel good, ya know?”