NBC’s The Cape Gets a Lead, Director, and Script Review

According to the site KsiteTV, NBC’s latest attempt at superhero ratings gold, “The Cape” has snagged its leading man, and surprise surprise, it’s yet another Aussie making inroads into Hollywood. Also, a director in Simon West (“Con Air”, “The Human Target”) has been assigned pilot directing duties. As well, the site Bleeding Cool has located and reviewed the pilot script for “The Cape”. They seem to like it enough, but they’re not exactly raving about it.

Despite the comic book sounding title, “The Cape” is not based on a comic book. The premise finds an honest cop name Vince Faraday (to be played by Aussie actor David Lyons, “ER”, top left) framed and hunted down by bad guys in a fictional city. After he’s believed killed, Faraday takes up the identity of The Cape, a costumed superhero (but with no powers) who teams up with a group of former carnival types to battle the city’s corrupted police force and assorted bad guy politicians. Our hero’s quest is to clear his name as well as be reunited with his loving son.

The angle? No one actually has superpowers, though they do wear costumes. Which, ironically, makes it sort of the complete opposite of “Heroes”, NBC’s latest bona fide hit — for the first year, anyway.

NBC has ordered the pilot, from creator Tom Wheeler. Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman will executive produce.

Which begs the question: with NBC about to launch a new “Heroes”-ish show, what will become of “Heroes”?

No powers? Who says we don't have powers! Mom!!!!!!