NBC’s The Cape Loses 3 Episodes

It’s not looking too rosy for Vince Faraday aka The Cape and his mysterious sidekick Orwell. NBC has reduced the show’s initial 13-episode first season order to 10 after the show hit its ratings low earlier this Monday with 5.3 million viewers, down from 5.7 million the previous week, and the 8.4 million from its 2-hour premiere.

It’s not hard to see why viewers are dropping out like flies. The show doesn’t seem to have much in the way of sustainability, and seems to be just treading water with every episode. They sort of roped themselves into a corner when they put the entire show on the Cape proving his innocence by exposing the real bad guy’s secret identity. How many more episodes will Vince get this close to achieving his goal only to fail?

The show stars David Lyons as Faraday, a wrongly accused cop, who is trying to bring down his city’s crime kingpin played by James Frain. Faraday is aided in his crusade by Keith David and Summer Glau.