Need A Fantasy Fix? Behold the Red Band Trailer for Albert Pyun’s Tales of an Ancient Empire

Melissa Ordway in Tales of an Ancient Empire (2010) Movie Image

Veteran director and cult icon Albert Pyun gets picked on quite a bit by geeky, translucent bloggers like myself, and, for the most part, the criticisms surrounding the glut of his cinematic output are justified. However, the guy has been on a roll lately — check out the immensely entertaining “Bulletface” if you think I’m full of cinematic excrement — and “Tales of an Ancient Empire” appears to continue this trend of B-movie excellence. Yes, the movie is beyond cheesy and, yes, it looks like a role-playing gamer’s wet dream come to life, but you simply cannot deny how insanely entertaining the embedded trailer truly is.

Before proceeding, a warning: There’s some brief nudity in the clip provided below, so make sure nobody’s around if you choose to view this thing at work.

Much love to Twitch for the info.

Tales of an Ancient Empire (2010) Movie Poster