Need a New Poster for Beach Spike? I Thought So, and You’re Welcome.

What’s not to like about a Chinese movie about a female beach volleyball team with ample martial arts skills? Not a damn thing, that’s what. Below you’ll find the latest promotional poster for the upcoming action/comedy “Beach Spike”, a film that will probably bring down my cool rating by several hundred thousand points. Considering how much crap I give my wife for enjoying “Center Stage”, I shouldn’t boast too loudly that I’m excited to see this flick. And before you start rolling your eyes at the copious amounts of bare flesh on-display, let it be known that I’m in it for the sports-related martial arts. That’s my story, dear readers. Believe it or not. The film hits China this July.

If you missed the trailer, you can solve this problem by clicking right here.

Source: Film Smash