Need for Speed Movie Has a Need for Imogen Poots

Need for Speed Game - Most WantedLooks like the Aaron Paul-fronted “Need for Speed” movie (loosely based on the bestselling car racing video game franchise) has found its leading lady in Imogen Poots, most recently seen in the “Fright Night” remake, though for my money she’ll always be the kid from “28 Weeks Later” and the lovely lass from “Centurion”.

Poots is currently in negotiations to join Paul in the film, and will play “a savvy exotic car dealer who connects the wealthy with high-end supercars.”

Which is interesting that we know who Poots will be playing, but we still have no idea who or what Paul is playing, or even what the film’s premise is. We only know that it won’t be based on any of one of the games, which makes sense, since do any of the games actually have plots? I mean, an honest to goodness plot?

Apparently the “Need for Speed” movie will be “rooted in the tradition of the great car-culture films of the ’70s while being extremely faithful to the spirit of the video game franchise.” Whatever that means.

Anyways, “Act of Valor’s” Scott Waugh is directing the big-screen adaptation, which Dreamworks has already penciled in for a February 7, 2014 release date.

Imogen Poots in Fright Night (2011) Movie Image

Via : THR