Need More Evidence That the Found Footage Genre Won’t Die Anytime Soon?

Here it is: Bold Films has acquired the screenplay for John Swetnam’s crime-horror movie “Evidence” after a two-week bidding war.

No surprise — found footage movies are “in” nowadays, and it’s cheap to make to boot. You don’t need actual actors since the whole thing is supposed to feel “natural” (see the “Paranormal Activity” movies), which drastically lowers your cost of production. Basically, it’s like what TV is doing nowadays with the slew of reality TV shows. Cheap to make, and the films almost always turn a nice tidy profit, if not become a full-blown phenomenon.

The plot of “Evidence” goes like this:

When the police arrive at an abandoned desert gas station after a brutal massacre, they find no evidence at the crime scene except for some of the victim’s personal electronics, which include a video camera, a Flip-cam, and two cellphones. With nothing else to go on, a troubled detective must analyze and piece together the footage from the personal electronics in order to figure out what the hell happened and who the killer is.

Talk about a concept movie. Sheesh.