Need More Steven Seagal? A Dangerous Man is on the Horizon.

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These days, it’s good to be a Steven Seagal fan. If A&E’s reality series “Steven Seagal: Lawman” isn’t enough to keep you fat and satisfied, you can currently find dozens of copies of the aikido wizard’s 2009 epic “The Keeper” on video store shelves across North America at this very moment. However, everyone knows that Seagal fans are insatiable, basement-dwelling freaks who need a fix every few months, which may explain why “A Dangerous Man” is currently scheduled to break your wrists on February 9th. I’m sure Paramount’s decision to release this thing now has nothing to do with the popularity of Seagal’s television program. Absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Here’s what the picture’s all about:

Action legend Steven Seagal stars as Shane Daniels, an ex-Special Forces operative released from prison after serving six years hard time for a murder he didn’t commit. Back on the street, he comes to the rescue of a beautiful young hostage stashed in a car trunk with millions in cash. Wielding a devastating combination of street fighting smarts and martial arts skills, he suddenly finds himself in a deadly showdown with international drug merchants and the local corrupt cops. As the only ones standing between him and his newfound freedom, they’re about to discover just how dangerous one man can be.

It’s been a while since Seagal has portrayed an ex-felon. I’m weirdly excited. Enjoy the trailer!

Author: Todd Rigney

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