Need More Tak Sakaguchi? Then It’s Time to Play Dead Ball!

If Sushi Typhoon ever stops making movies, I will be seriously and eternally heartbroken. That may sound sad, but it’s the truth. The trailer for cult icon Tak Sakaguchi’s “Yakuza Weapon” was more than enough to keep yours truly squealing with glee well into the summer, though apparently others feel that we all need a bit more Tak Sakaguchi in our cinematic diet. Behold the trailer for director Yudai Yamaguchi’s “Dead Ball”, a “Battlefield Baseball”-style actioner that seems to be in tune with what Sushi Typhoon does best. In other words, prepare yourself for cheap gore, cornball action, evil Nazis, and some scantily-clad Japanese ladies. It’s all in the name of mindless entertainment, of course.

Need a story? Well, here you go:

When he was a child, baseball prodigy Jubei Yakyu (Tak Sakaguchi) accidentally caused the death of his father with a super-powered, deadly fireball pitch. Having sworn off the game for life because of the incident, Jubei is now 17 and the most cold-blooded juvenile delinquent in Japan. Sent to a reformatory for a killing spree, Jubei learns that his estranged brother had died there earlier from a mysterious illness. In order to fulfill his brother’s last wishes, Jubei reluctantly joins the prison baseball team when they take on the Black Dahlias, a sexy squad of killer high school girls who are determined to slaughter every last man on Jubei’s team! But the prison officials have plans of their own for Jubei, including an alliance with a squadron of uniformed Nazi officers! Suddenly, Jubei finds himself not only fighting to win the game, but also to save his own life!

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