Negotiation’s Over, Punks! Ready or Not, Here’s The Dredd Trailer

Karl Urban in Dredd (2012) Movie Image

Is it better than the Stallone version? We won’t know that for sure until the movie opens later this year, but if you were one of those waiting with bated breath to see what the rebooted Dredd looks like when’s moving (and more importantly, shooting), then here it is, the first full trailer for “Dredd”, starring Karl Urban as the futuristic lawman who takes no guff. In the future, “guff” can get you killed, doncha know. I’ve had issues with Dredd’s plastic-y looking armor in past photos released by the production, but I have to admit, as with Captain America’s costume, Dredd looks way better moving around in this trailer.

The plot of “Dredd” is eeriely similar to Gareth Evans’ “The Raid”. It’s actually pretty amazing how much the bulk of “Dredd” resembles “The Raid” (minus the whole futuristic lawman in a post-apocalyptic-ish world teamed up with a psychic partner, I mean), from cops storming a tenement building controlled by a crimelord, to the cops having to now fight their way out said building, which, they discover, is full of bad guys with murderous intentions. I’m sure it’s just coincidence, though, but it’s certainly an intriguing similarity.

Co-starring Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Jason Cope, Langley Kirkwood, Kevon Kane, Joe Vaz, Warrick Grier, Scott Sparrow, and Luke Tyler.

Dredd lays down the law whether you like it or not September 21, 2012.

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