Neil Burger Taking his Limitless Talents to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

I like Neil Burger. I really dug his underrated “The Illusionist” with Edward Norton, and I thought “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper was fun (if not substantial) times. Apparently the producers of the videogame movie “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” feel the same way, because they’ve brought in Burger to write and direct “Uncharted” for them.

Burger replaces David O. Russell (“The Fighter”), who for the longest time was attached to the project before leaving due to that ever so popular “creative differences”. O. Russell was supposed to write and direct with his “The Fighter” star Mark Wahlberg as Drake, an Indiana Jones-type (sans hat) who traipses around jungles looking for gold and whatnot.

No word if Wahlberg will remain on the project now that his good buddy O. Russell is gone, but it seems unlikely. Mind you, not that Wahlberg was ever that popular of a choice for the role with fans of the games in the first place.

Quick thought: Bradley Cooper as Drake?