Neil Gaiman to Direct Death: The High Cost of Living Movie

All comic book readers know about Neil Gaiman’s “Death: The High Cost of Living” comic book mini-series. Even if you didn’t read it, you heard about it, because at the time the books came out, it was raved about by pretty much everyone except, well, those who didn’t read it, such as myself. There’s really no reason why I never picked up “Death”, except that Gaiman was never my cup of tea, and thus, I never had any interest in reading his works. But in any case, fans of Gaimain’s “Death” should be happy to hear that the comic books will finally be coming to the big screen, and Gaiman will make his feature film directorial debut on it.

This news from film ick:

What more do I know? That the film will most likely shoot in late autumn, early winter, and in the UK, though the comic takes place (mainly) in the US. I also know that, as he’s discussed before, Shia LaBeouf is almost certainly going to play the male lead – in the comics he was called Sexton Furnival – and that Death, or Didi as she calls herself in her mortal form, has snagged the interest of one famous young actress in particular. The Death hunt is done, if the deal works out, and soon she’ll be named.

No news at all on who will play the Eremite or Mad Hetty, though it’s hard to believe Miriam Margolyes won’t get offered the latter role once casting moves into top gear.

Here is some more info on the limited series via Wikipedia:

In The High Cost of Living the main character is a teenage girl named Didi, who at first appears to be an eccentric, orphaned goth, but who insists that she is Death personified. She guides a young male protagonist on a journey of self discovery. Gaiman’s take is a young, attractive, perky Death in this fresh interpretation of the idea that ‘One day in every century, Death walks the Earth to better understand those to whom she will be the final visitor.’ Didi manages to run into a number of people including the “Eremite” and a British woman named Mad Hettie who is looking for her heart.

Also according to Wikipedia, the movie will go under the title of, “Death and Me”.