Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Headed to TV as a Series

Morpheus is coming. No, not the bald black guy from “The Matrix”, but Morpheus, aka Oneiros, The Shaper, and about a dozen other names. He’s also the lead character in Neil Gaiman’s seminal D.C. comic book series “The Sandman”, the series that helped launch D.C.’s Vertigo imprint, aka the part of D.C. Comics that you weren’t embarassed to be caught reading.

THR says Warner Bros. TV, in conjunction with their buds over at D.C., will adapt the Gaiman series into its own TV series, with “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke the frontrunner to run the show. Kripke should have plenty of free time, now that he’s given up the reins of “Supernatural” after Season 5 (the show will continue on with Season 6 and possibly beyond).

Various people have tried to bring Gaiman’s vision to the big screen in the past, but all have failed spectacularly. Let’s face it, something like “The Sandman” just wouldn’t have work anyway as a movie. Someone apparently realized that, and not all that long ago “Copland” and “Knight and Day” director James Mangold was trying to adapt the character into a TV show on HBO, but that, too, fell through.

Gaiman is not yet involved with this WB attempt, but Gaiman is not a nutcase like Alan Moore, so I’m sure if they approach him with deference, he might join the fun.