Neil Marshall to Bring his Brand of Bloody Mayhem to Constantine Pilot

Neil Marshall on the set of Doomsday (2008) Movie Image

Is NBC’s “Constantine” pilot going to be the bloodiest, most blood-splatter-tastic TV pilot in all of history? I have no idea, but it sure looks like the chances are pretty good with Neil Marshall behind the camera.

The director has landed the gig for the supernatural show, to be based on the D.C. comic book character. “Constantine” will center on the titular John Constantine, “an enigmatic and irreverent con man-turned-reluctant supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of defending us against dark forces from beyond.”

If the name sounds familiar, the character was previously adapted to the big screen by “Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s” Francis Lawrence in the Keanu Reeves starrer “Constantine.”

Although he’s more known these days as the director of a pair of bloody “Game of Thrones” episodes (and the “Black Sails” pilot), Marshall has been smashing heads and popping blood vessels with the likes of “Dog Soldiers,” “The Descent,” “Doomsday,” and “Centurion” for years now. Dude loves his blood splatters.

Now all they have to do is find the right guy to play Constantine…

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Via : Deadline