Neil Marshall’s Centurion Continues to Look Utterly Badass

If Louis Leterrier’s remake of “Clash of the Titans” is going to be big-budget Hollywood fun and adventure-heavy, Neil Marshall’s “Centurion” is going to be dark and brooding and violent as hell. Or at least, that’s what I’m guessing given the two men’s previous efforts. Leterrier just doesn’t seem to have the “grit” thing in him, while Marshall doesn’t do anything that doesn’t involve blood and guts and good guys doing very bad things in very bloody ways. Two new images from Marshall’s “Centurion” via Empire.

Britain, A.D. 117. Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Pictish raid on a Roman frontier fort, marches north with General Virilus’ legendary Ninth Legion, under orders to wipe the Picts from the face of the Earth and destroy their leader, Gorlacon.

Starring Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko, Noel Clarke, David Morrissey, JJ Feild, Axelle Carolyn, Riz Ahmed, Dave Legeno, Ulrich Thomsen, and directed by Neil Marshall.

Originally scheduled for 2009, it now looks like 2010 will be the earliest we’ll see “Centurion”.