Neil Marshall’s Centurion Set Pics

When Roman centurions march on the big screen, cool things tend to happen. When Roman centurions march to the tune of Neil Marshall of “Dog Soldiers”, “Doomsday”, and “The Descent” fame, very cool things are guaranteed to happen. More pics from Marshall’s “Centurion”, this time some behind-the-scenes shots featuring plenty of Romans.

Britain, A.D. 117. Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Pictish raid on a Roman frontier fort, marches north with General Virilus’ legendary Ninth Legion, under orders to wipe the Picts from the face of the Earth and destroy their leader, Gorlacon.

Starring Olga Kurylenko, Dominic West, Michael Fassbender, David Morrissey, Noel Clarke, JJ Feild, and Riz Ahmed. Neil Marshall writes and directs.

Images courtesy of Aaron Sneddon, who has even more pics from the set of “Centurion” over at his site.