Nerds! Dancing Robots! Nose Picking! It’s the Teaser for Robo-G!

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Robo-G (2012) Movie Image

It’s hard to tell a lot about the upcoming Japanese comedy “Robo-G” from the trailer embedded below. Initial impressions suggest that it’s some sort of oddball “Short Circuit”-style romp involving a trio of geeks and their goofy, googly-eyed little robot. After wading through a handful of poorly-translated websites, I’ve discovered the film is about a group of scientists who stick an old guy in an android suit after the real robot is accidentally destroyed. When they debut this revolutionary invention at a robotics expo, everyone is amazed by how intelligent and lifelike their creation seems. As one can imagine, hilarity quickly ensues. Guess what? I’ll watch it.

“Robo-G” opens in Japan sometime next year.

Source: Film Smash

Robo-G (2012) Movie Poster

Robo-G (2012) Movie Poster

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