Netflix’s Daredevil TV Show Has Located Hell’s Kitchen’s Blind Superhero

Charlie Cox in Stardust (2007) Movie Image

Charlie Cox is practicing his blind lawyerin’ skills.

…and his name is Charlie Cox.

Who? Good question.

Cox, who has been officially confirmed by Marvel, is a British actor who is probably best known from the 2007 fantasy “Stardust.” That is, if you saw the movie. As I recall, not a whole lot of people did.

Netflix’s “Daredevil” recently went through some showrunner reshuffling, with “Spartacus'” Steven S. DeKnight taking over for Drew Goddard, who has gone on to spin his web with Sony’s “Sinister Six” movie.

The 13-episode drama will find Cox playing the titular Marvel superhero, aka blind lawyer Matt Murdock, who got his super heightened senses by way of your average comic book origins story — he was bathed in radiation and such.

Don’t try that at home, kids!

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