New 30-Second Spot for NBC’s The Cape

The superhero blokes over at Capesite‘s got a new 30-second TV spot for NBC’s upcoming superhero show “The Cape”, which is currently my default superhero show now that ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” has proven to be a dud. Sorry, but a bickering family with superpowers got old, well, about 10 minutes into the pilot.

“The Cape”, which stars David Lyons and Summer Glau as the world’s most unrealistic “blogger” (really? a blogger that looks like that? Only in Hollywood) premieres sometime in January of 2011, or thereabouts. Lyons plays an honest cop who gets framed and then “killed” by the bad guys; using the powers of a funky cape and some circus tricks, our man becomes The Cape superhero to fight corruption and other assorted bad dudes. Glau helps out as a crusading blogger, cause, well, it’s 2011, and crusading blogger is way cooler than a crusading journalist.

Mena Suvari was recently announced as joining the cast, though for some reaosn the makers of TV spot failed to include Summer Glau in the action. I mean, WTF, guys? Anyone thinking over there? As in, at all?

Updated: TVAddict has “The Cape” premiereing with a two-hour episode on Sunday, January 9, 2011, before moving to its regular time slot on Mondays starting January 17, 2010.