New Action-tastic Dragonball Pics

That’s right, kids, three new images from the movie everyone loves to hate, even though they’ve yet to see more than a minute of the whole shebang, have popped up online for your perusal displeasure. Granted, what we’ve seen of James Wong’s film so far looks, er, pretty craptacular, but maybe that’s just coming from someone whose biggest exposure to Dragonball has been playing the game on a Playstation. In any case, here are three new action-oriented images (or at least, they’re in action poses) from the movie, one featuring Piccolo fighting Goku, another featuring the cleavage generous Eriko Tamura as Mai, and a third pic with Jamie Chung as Chi-Chi, not to be confused with the chimp from “Speed Racer”.

Via the boys at DBtheMovie: