New Ass Kicking Trailer for Strike Back Season 2 Kicks All Kinds of Ass

Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton in STRIKE BACK

Look, if you’re still not watching Cinemax’s “Strike Back”, I don’t know what to tell ya. It’s the best action-packed show on the airwaves right now. It’s over-the-top, ridiculously violent, with a ton of cussing and totally gratuitous nudity and sex (thank you, pay cable!), and it’s absolutely fun as hell. The best part about the show is probably watching Aussie Sullivan Stapleton playing an American badass going around calling everyone “pal”. Cause, shit, that’s what we Americans do. We call everyone we meet “pal”.

Stapleton and Philip Winchester are of course back as the two main leads, supported by fellow returnee Rhashan Stone. Newcomers include Rhoma Mitra, replacing the departed Amanda Mealing as the show’s tough female lead, though from the looks of this latest trailer, she’s not quite the ball-buster that Mealing’s character was.

The show’s Season 2 (well, it’s current incarnation; technically this is the third season) returns this August 17, 2012 on Cinemax.