19 New Images from Stephen Sommers’ Odd Thomas, Movie Stuck in Limbo

Anton Yelchin in Odd Thomas (2013) Movie Image

Whatever happened to “The Mummy” director Stephen Sommers’ “Odd Thomas”, his big-screen adaptation of the Dean Koontz series of novels? The film stars Anton Yelchin (of “Star Trek” fame) and was at one point poised to become the next great YA movie franchise. That apparently didn’t quite work out, and now according to The Playlist, the film is in danger of sitting on the shelf for a long time yet, thanks to an ongoing lawsuit between two of the companies behind the movie.

So what’s it all about?

“Odd Thomas” stars Yelchin as the oddly named Odd Thomas, a short-order cook in a small California desert town who has special powers to communicate with the dead. When Odd encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark forces that threatens the very survival of his town, he has to fight back. Not just for him or for his town, but for his beloved Stormy Llewellyn, too, played by Addison Timlin (“Stand Up Guys”). Willem Dafoe co-stars as the town’s chief of police, who knows all about Odd’s abilities.

So when can you expect to see “Odd Thomas”? Probably not anytime soon. The film actually already hit DVD overseas in Hungary last month, so if you’re really anxious to see this Koontz novel come to life, I suppose you can always prowl the various overseas DVD sites for a copy.

Until then, this leaked trailer and 19 new images from the movie will just have to do: